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The e-commerce.

OS Commerce How wasy to use?


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I am starting a new online store and I do not know much about PHP and scripts. I have not selected a web host either. I came across OS Commerce viz Infinology web host, but I have read some negative reviews about Infinology. OS commerce looks great, but how easy is it to set up and use.

Is is a windows interface where you click and add pictures, and type product descriptions? I read in a topic in this forum, that if the shopping cart is "broke" you can easily fix it with scripts. I have never worked with scripts, so is this package easy for user like myslef?



Thank you,


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I gues its ur luck day of u have decided 2 choose osc. now i started using osc 2 weeks ago and i started working on the site 4 days ago and i am already done.

there are alot of contributions that u can read. they all help u to install, configure, and setup, modify ur store and take u through step by step process.

I am using host called cyberlynk.net or you can try oracular.com. remeber that if u r serious in selling ur products, ur store should be reliable and safe because you dont wnat any one to hack ur site. if u have a solid base hosting company, u will not get into trouble. ur hosting company will be liable for that(if its better).

check this out for all ur needs. you need a hosting company with shared ssl, php, mysql and sufficient write for you to change the modes of the files on the server using ftp. for example ask ur hosting company that untill u r done setting up the store they should give you access right of 777 or give u all permissions on all files so u can do it. all set to go.



now if u r familiar with html or even frontpage, or dreamweaver (i recommend..u can download 30 day trial from macromdia.com or for frontpage from microsoft.com), Then Use STS. go into contribution at http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions or forums at http://www.oscommerce.com/forums and search for STS. now what this will do that it will create a html template and then actually u can do it very simply and do it the way u want. i would recommend seeing this good site.



if u r not familiar with html etc.. then it is very simple to update. there i sone style sheet in which u tell colors of border, text for each place...very simple....


now design is done. next part is running the store. ur store will be equipped wih all functions built in. have 2 do nothing in term of writing codes. there is an admins ection in which u can add/delete products, even change titles, image sizes...etc.....so i mean no hard core coding at all. i dont know php at all and i am almost done with the store.


need more help...plz pm me. i am willing to help u if u get stuck, i have 2 go now but hopefully this will help.



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hahah.. just realized bucn of spelling errors....good luck rpert > (robert)

for got to answer some qs,

yes its windows type gui. u click, drag drop kind...v simple..... always backup the file before working on it...always......first download latest from osc site and unzip it to one folder from there...use ftp sofwtare to upload 2 ur server. pm me if help needed or the time u r setting it up. u can call me or we can chat on some messenger.

pm me personally.

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osCommerce is not as easy as has been presented here. There is NO drag and drop. You will have to edit some php. It is very powerful and the contributions make it even better, but you will have to install them, and it is not like installing a Windows program where you simply click on install.exe and watch it go. Be prepared for a learning curve. You will have to invest some time, but it is worth it.

I will send you a pm regarding hosting. If you need anything else, just ask. This is a great group of people and as long as it looks like you have done what you can, they will help you a lot. You should read the documentation at http://wiki.oscommerce.com



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I have been looking at OS Commerce for a while now, and the community of people are great. Everyone is friendly and helpful.


I am overwhelmed when I look at the download/installation of contributes. I have used Dreamweaver, but only to create very simple webapges. As I mentioned ebove, I have no knowledge on scripts, php, etc.


I am looking for something that is quick and easy to set up and update without the headaches of debugging. Am I barking up the wrong tree? My store is a part-time deal in addition to school, so I do not have alot of time on my hands, eventhough I would like to learn how to use OSC. I am not a tach person either, so I get flustered and impatient.


Any other views and opinions are appreciated.


Thanks again,


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