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New Shop, love some feedback


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Hey all... been working on a new webshop to offer pay-per-day and subscriptions to a library of vintage erotic films.


Something for everyone from the turn of the century to the end of the film era (late 1970s or so).

Some funny films, much of it historical as well as entertaining.

Cheesecake, Beefcake, Nudie Cutie, Softcore, Hardcore, and everything in between.


This is my first webshop and I've had a lot of fun, not to mention a lot of challenges, with osCommerce. The layout isn't drastically changed from the default but I think it looks nice. Of course, it can always look better! Much of my time though is building up the content library and adding it to the catalog. That is a full time job and then some. Also, a lot of the changes are 'under the hood' such as purchasing shop credits and then using the credits to checkout with the films on demand. Still needs work, but the shop is live if you are so inclined.


Adults 18+ please. B)



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Stock layout with boobies. :o


Lose the counter. Doesn't serve any purpose.


I suppose you think the graphics you've used for contact us, conditions, etc, etc. are cute or funny but I think they detract from the rest of the site. What purpose do they serve?


Shouldn't you be adding the download size to the descriptions? Would make it more complete IMHO.


What is the purpose of requiring so much information from your customers? Address and phone # are irrelevant (in fact I'll bet a lot of potential customers would bail once they realize they need to supply that info)?


That's all I can see for now. ;)

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:lol: LOVE the About Us image!!


Not sure what to say on the layout. It's very generic, but I like the way you have ccustomised it with nudie pics ;)



I used to be insane, but now I'm just nuts ;)

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Thanks for the comments. 'Stock with Boobies', now that is funny. I sincerely appreciate the 'lose the address/phone number' advice and will attend to that. Its purpose was to discourage fraud associated with credit card purchases (and chargebacks), but I'll leave that up to my processor.

In general the concept is to build a bit more of a community than the average adult webshop, and the icons were conceived to help with that purpose. I'm looking for long term, loyal, repeat customers. Aren't we all!


Let's see... download size as part of the descriptions. One some catalog entries, I have the TRT (total running time) and eventually I would like all entries to have that information. Maybe I can use an algorhythm to find the file size, and then convert that to time automagically based upon the bit rate. Good idea and I will mull over my options to accomplish that with a minimum of headaches.


Ashlyn, glad you like the icons. My partner carefully selected each one and then manually removed the backgrounds and manually tinted them. Would you believe all of the site graphics started out as black and white?


Thanks again for the feedback. Anyone else have any more insights? Thx.

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