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Apache on Apple mac 10.2.8


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Hi, I am trying to run a Apache server locally on an Apple Mac running system 10.2.8, so that I can build my OsCommerce web site using PHP, and save on the bandwidth. I have activated the server, but a silly question, where the hell do I put my site/OsCommerce site so that dreamweaver can access it and I can see the results in my browser? I followed a detailed instruction on how to activate the PHP server, but nothing about how to run it, well not unless you have a year to read the manual. Please, please help I have been sitting here for hours reading and reading, it is now all a blur. All I keep getting is that, the file is not found on this server.


Thanks in desperation


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Hi Alan,


I learned that you have managed to activate Apache's php module.


Now copy the catalog into yourHardDisc/library/webserver/documents/


I had quite a hard time to activate the mysql database and get it running before I found and downloaded a complete distribution/package that did it all: http://www.serverlogistics.com/mysql.php#download.


After installing the database do the following:

  • copy the included MySQL.prefPane to yourHardDisc/library/PreferencePanes (follow the instructions delivered)
  • switch on the Webserver and the Database in the System Preferences (MySQL Panel shows up)
  • point your browser to

If that doesn't work, try the directory yourHardDisc/users/yourUser/sites/


Good Luck



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