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Non-shared SSL


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Hi all,


I've ponied up the cash for my own SSL cert, but I'm stumped how to get the darn thing working with my store. I spent half the weekend browsing the various SSL-related threads on the forum, but I couldn't find anything that didn't refer to shared certs.


According to my ever-helpful hosting provider (hah!) all I need to do is put the pages I want secured into my httpsdocs folder, and leave the regular stuff in httpdocs. Given all the various components of an osC page, like application_top, column_left etc, that sounds like I'd have to duplicate the entire site - which can't be right, surely?


I've set ENABLE_SSL to true in includes/configure.php and defined the https server name. osC warns me that I've requested an encrypted page when I click on e.g. Log In, but acknowledging the message just gives me an error: "the requested url was not found on the server".


I've obviously missed something, probably something glaringly obvious (it's been that kind of a day :( ) , so I'd appreciate some tips before I start kicking the cat...




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I've done some more digging, using different search criteria, and found this thread:




regarding SSL on Plesk hosts. Our store is on Plesk/Apache/Redhat and I don't appear to have SSH access to start modifying configuration files which looks frankly scary to a Linux noob like me.


I've had some serious network availability issues with my current host - over 20 hours downtime Saturday thru Sunday this past weekend - so I've lost confidence in their ability to host our store. I'm thinking of forgetting about SSL for the moment and postponing the live date until we're up and running on our new host. Just annoyed that I've spent ??? on a dedicated cert only to find our hosting company can't cut the mustard. Anyone know if the cert can be transferred to a new host or should I just ask for a refund?


<fx: puts champagne back in fridge>



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