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The e-commerce.

Easypopulate-excel to cvs-vb to excel


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:ph34r: What gives?

I have tried numerous times with these patches.

All fail.

I really like the vb to excel. Since I have a computer store.


VB to Excel It fail with object variable or block variable not set.

More detailed instructions (sigh!) are needed.

So I don?t have vb but I have VS.net VB.net, VS fails on opening project conversion. Some kind of crap about invalid or missing license dates.


Easypopulates does nothing or page not found after too long this I figure is the 300 max thing.

But trying with less just returns nothing and no changes.


Excel to cvs just spouts about "No products_model field in record or incorrect root for category. I cannot import this record"


Brain leaving to much overload acccck help

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Well That was not it.

Looks like I needed to save my file as tab- delimited for the easy populate.

Hmm or was it that

I Downloaded the complete with easy populate

Opened it it in excel {03}

Then in order to get rid of that error Poducts_model not found.

I connected to the Mysql server and imported it.

finally saved it as a tab-delimited and easy populate Actually changed my products.


Never got anywhere else with the Excel to osCommerce using VB.

just runtime error objects not defined ,they are just how were on the contributors machine.

How ever the link he provides to the Mysql driver was Sweet.


looks like I can change the info many ways not just easypopulate.



Thats Not so easy.

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sounds like something is incorrect on the settings. easiest way i found to use ep is to get it loaded first, then download the data to your system, then see h0ow it is structured, then make your mods.

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<_< Um Yep it does work looks like mabey I was saving it as a cvs or xls .

reason is the reason for my errors with easy populate,

It needed to be tab-delimited.

Still it has alot of colums I am gonna play with it a while.

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