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combining products on products


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I havent seen this mentioned before so I'll try and describe. In laymans terms , my shop sells nameboards ie carved wood background (with a color selection) and then I want to get the customer to enter a name to go on that name board eg "Peters Room" , and then this combined on to the order.


The only way I could think is that I individually have all letters of the alphabet as separate products - would I think that would be too long winded for the customer (and me)


Any ideas on how to get around this ?




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I think this would work (BUT), this would then be applied to all products, whereas I only need it to prompt for the 'name' when a custiomer has ordered a particular product.



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just change the title above the box to say -


Use this box:


a) to add comments about your order .

B) if you have chosen one of our name boards to advise us of the name you have chosen for the board.

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This will work to a certain extent, but if the customer orders 2 nameplates then it wont work when they come to check out.


What I need to try and do is when the customer has selected a product (a nameplate) I want to add a box that asks the customer some additional information to input (ie the name for the nameplate), that way I can associate the name with the other options (colour , size etc)

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