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HTML error in <!-- shopping_cart_eof //-->


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I am experience a strange behavior on our site.



If you request the page for the first time.

The site is corrupted, which means it looks horrible because of an HTML error.


I analysed that when you request the site for the first time behind every link

is the session id and when I look into the generated HTML just before the <!-- shopping_cart_eof //-->


there is a half HTML closing table

it looks like: </


and thats it. table> is missing


When I just reload the page no session id is gerenrated (cookie) and the table is perfectly closed so everthing is fine.


Does anyone has an idea, what its going on there ?





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Prossibly related to this bug: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/bugs,1...ry,Other/page,3


See Jan's explaination:

This is a bug in PHP that shows up under certain circumstances.


Details can be found here:





Here are possible solutions/workarounds:


- Change the .htaccess file in the catalog directory. Remove the comment in front of the line reading

# php_value session.use_trans_sid 0


- Update PHP to 4.3.x - the problem is solved here.


- Force cookie usage




Jan Wildeboer

Perdure - Transparent Object Relational Persistence
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