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The e-commerce.



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Preparing to go live in a few hours here!!!


Design feedback is welcome, but what I really need is browser testing on multiple platforms. If you run across a problem it would be extremely helpful if you could grab a quick screen shot and attach it / post it (is that possible on these boards???... if not, please feel free to email to [email protected])... I would be very grateful!


The site includes the STS-Templates v.1.8 contrib, the Ultra Pics v.??? contrib, and Authorize.net Consolidated v.1.5 for AIM contrib.


.: ROGER Snow Socks :.




P.S. The site is still in Authorize.net Test Mode if anyone would like to run through a complete order process.


Test CC#s:

370000000000002 American Express

6011000000000012 Discover

5424000000000015 MasterCard

4007000000027 Visa

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Bloody briliant !!!

I tried to do something like that and just didn't have the graphic design skills to pull it off! Best oscommerce site i have seen by far !!! The only thing that I would mention is that at work (where iam now) I'm on a 56k dial up :(your site is very slow - but who cares anyone like me should get broadband anyway.

Good show - keep up the good work

all the best


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Sam, wow! The best OSC site? I'm not really sure what to say... Thanks! I'm not 100% content with the home page or all of the graphics yet, so keep an eye on it. I have a lot of changes coming and would appreciate the feedback.




p.s. "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today." That's awesome. I've been running into messages like this for the past few weeks. It's seriously striking a chord!!! (I work 50 hours a week, commute 15 hours a week, program design another 20 - 30 hours.... somethings got to give! :) ) Thanks again for your comments!!!

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Preparing to go live in a few hours here!!!


nice work :-)


and yesss the links are working :D


but be quick, goto login and click on [More Info] :rolleyes:

"If you're working on something new, then you are necessarily an amateur."

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I got lost :( but I LOVE the layout! Excellent..


You might want to have some other links for dummies like me though ;)



I used to be insane, but now I'm just nuts ;)

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berkedam - :lol: Thanks for your help. I appreciate it! I never heard back from webdesignpro, hope his links are working too.


ashlyn - Navigation has been a bit of an issue. We currently only have two products, and only forsee three - four by years end, so I did away with categories and chose direct links to the products. Can you give me any advice on how I can change the navigation to make it easier?


I've been working on a custom menu system with menu items, and sub-menus (i.e. Long Sleeve Tees > Scallywag LST & ROGER Rave, etc.). Would something like this help?


Thanks for your comments.


(P.S. Decided to hold off for a few days for testing and go live on Wednesday. Wish us luck, this is our first e-com site!!! ;) )

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nice site - would replace the osc standard buttons though.


i also got lost - maybe have the product/cat links at the top.


otherwise very good.

Your online success is Paramount.

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yesudo.com -


Completely agree about the standard buttons! It's on my list of to-dos, definitely!


Can you tell me where you got lost? That might help me figure out how to work a better navigation system. (NOTE: Don't currently have any categories really, only have two products which are linked to from the home page and throught the catalog drop down at the bottom).


Thanks for your comments!

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Thanks for everyone's responses (both here and through PM)! I think I've made all the fixes, and will be paying special attention to the navigation issues over the next week or so.


If anyone finds any additional issues please let me know. Thanks again for your help, if everything goes as planned we will be going live tonight!!!

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Don't know if you read my other post, but you have a few gruesome typos you may want to look at:

"Filter reuslts by..." results?

"Autobot T-shit" Oops!

"55DSL Rukker T-Shit" Ditto!

And the main blue T-shirt logo in your Women's T-Shirts section... big, black letters... "T-SHITS". Oops again!

Still love the layout!

John Mc

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Nimmit - That's awesome! I'm just getting my marketing campaign in gear. Setup an affiliate marketing account today. Scheduled to kick-off a search engine campaign next Wednesday.


Debating about the other possibilities (pop-unders, email, etc.) on a short term to announce that we're here. I'd be interested in others takes on this, and experience, if any... pop-unders and email marketing (i.e. spam, opt-in or not) feel a little sleezy???


Also setting up a dev site to continue development. I still have plans to setup shipping modules, the purchase without account module, etc., and work on the navigation. Lots and lots to do!!! April - September is my experiementation time. October starts the beginning of the snow season!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Ok, on Thursday our site will have been live for one month now. I've cleaned up a little here and there and have a list of to-dos. We have some steady traffic coming in now and I need to optimize the site itself to get some conversions from the traffice we're paying for.


Can you click on one or the other of the links below and help me out with a list of any potential barriers you see to a purchase? I have a list of my own but am interested in what others see. (Keep in mind our target market is in the 16 - 25 range.)


ROGER Rave LTD 04.05

ROGER Scallywag LST

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celcon - I think I've fixed the Scallywag page. Please check it out again and let me know if you notice anything.


Monk - Appreciate your comments. Do you see any barriers to buying?


Don - What were / weren't you able to find?



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celcon - I think I've fixed the Scallywag page.  Please check it out again and let me know if you notice anything.



Great looking site by the way.

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