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The e-commerce.

Anyone ?


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Every time i post a question - Nobody helps me! I'm serious ! can anyone tell me the reason noone helps me? maybe people are scared of my name ? (eeleek) it's just a nickname I am american lol .


y0 anyone help me out here i am hopeless !



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Personally I don't think you have done that bad in responses. Some of your posts have 18 responses to them. Others have none :(


Shipping question - I would use zones and then set up the prices. I don't use zones so not exactly sure how but search the contributions and you will probably be able to add more functionality to them.


Confirmation # in emails - Why not use the order # as the confirmation #. Makes it simple and easy to add to the email template.


Reg Price$$$$$$$ Your price $$- I would just add this in a standard part of the product description on the last line. It would probably be a good place and easy

Cost for Help $$$$$ Your cost $$


Shirt size price diff- There are contributions that add this to the attributes section. I have it but it is in a package deal so I don't know the name of the one that will work. What it does is let you add an attribute with a price difference (sm $20, med +$2, large +$5, x large +$10). Maybe someone else can tell you the name of it.


Not every question here is responded to and if yours is then think of it as a bonus. If it isn't then that is what the search function is for. I would say that about half of my questions get a response and I respond to many more than I post. Some I think are good questions, others I can see why no one spent time answering (I should have looked further before posting). With open source programs that is the way it is, it creates a lot of good people helping others but sometimes you are on your own and you have to be okay with that.

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