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where to set the path "dir_ws_catalog"?


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Hi, I posted a question a couple of days ago about an OSC site. I am trying to repair that site. This is what I have now:



No images cannot be correctly displayed. If you check the image path, it shows that the image path is not correct. Obviously the path "dir_ws_catalog" is not set correctly. Please tell me where I can set this path? In configure.php I only found "dir_fs_catalog".


By the way, I posted the strange problem here:'





I think my server was down a couple of weeks ago, when I check the configure.php file, I found the database user name and password was changed, and the user name became the one I used for another OSC website, which is also hosted on the same server. Any ideas?

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The images on your site seem ok to me.


What version of osC are you using? In 2.2, there is a DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG and DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG, which are the settings you want to establish the proper paths. I think earlier versions just used DIR_WS_CATALOG.


I have no clue on your username/password changes.

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