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Problem with specials and product attributes


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Searched for the answer to this problem but couldn't find it. Surely there must be others with the same problem as me.


I sell products in different sizes. The smallest size has the price defined in products_price. When a customer selects a larger size a value is added by using product attributes (options_values_price with options_values_prefix as '+'). This works quite nice in itelf.


The problem is that I want to use the specials function to assign a certain discount to certain products. When I enter a percentage deduction in admin/specials osc deducts the percentage from the products-price allright. However when a customer selects a larger size with a higher price (products_price + options_values_price) the special discount is still calculated based on the products_price. This makes this function unusable for me as I need to provide the same percentage discount for all size. I can't do this manually as I have too many products.


I have tried the salemaker contrib and this one has the same problem with products attributes.


Any ideas how I can fix this?




Jan ;-)

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This seems like it should be simpler than it is. The problem is that attribute price is calculated in multiple places, so changing the behavior would require changing it in all places. This is doable, just annoying.


A simpler method might be to move from using attributes to the Master Products contribution. Then, each size is a product, not an attribute of a product. Therefore, sales will work as expected. One would just have to change the specials code so that a special applied to a master product affects all its slaves as well.


Unfortunately, either method involves some development.




Always back up before making changes.

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