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I have added some links in the past, some stuff I found useful, and things that I thought would help newbies. Forgive me if the article doesn't outline everything, but I am going to give you new guys a little head start I wish I would have had.


Starting out, the two biggest keys to success in the search engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc.) are content and incoming links. People argue about which plays the largest role, but I just suggest doing your best at both.



  • You should focus on having articles, tips, and other suggestions about your products.
  • Ask your customers for testimonials (a quick, easy way to get testimonials is to offer a discount on their next order from your company... This may seem unprofessional, however, someone who doesn't like your company won't write a testimonial, no matter what you offer them)
  • Indepthly describe your products- using keywords that will help maximize your page rank. (Digitalpoint has some excellent tools, one includes a search term finder: http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/suggestion/
  • You should try to create a couple other related websites that offer information on your products. (If you are selling baseball equipment, create a site that talks about proper baseball techniques; batting, pitching, youth baseball, etc. and create another site that discusses how to choose your gear, what prices are right.
  • Bring your competition into some articles. Discuss why your price is better, why you offer better service than them, and how you plan on creating a better buying experience for them.


  • Now you have content, your site looks great... But...Where is the traffic? I suggest holding off on submitting your site to the search engines until you have atleast 4-5 really good incoming links. Sites that have a pagerank
http://www.digitalpoint.com/tools/keywords (click the backlinks tab once you've signed up for a free account) This will show you the sites that are currently linking, your sites page rank, and other useful things.
Add your URL to signature files in; your emails, your forum posts, anything else you use a signature file for!
Go to google.com and yahoo.com and run a search for related words to you product. (i.e. "baseball equipment" + "add url") this will find websites that allow you to submit your link to them.. They are generally free submission directories that can help increase your PR.
Don't join linking farms... You'll find they are more harm than good.
If you can give a percentage of your profit to an affiliate, I suggest running a program. You create incoming links that can increase your PR significantly as google is fine-tuning its PR algorithm to allow for ref= codes to be incorperated into the PR of an index.php
Create a sitemap, make all of your main pages interlink. This allows spiders to search with greater ease.
Visit SEO-Guy.com's website to use their tool for finding the page rank of websites for search terms. http://www.seo-guy.com/seo-tools/google-pr.php
For example a search for baseball equipment yeilded the following first page results:
Pos Url Rank
1 http://www.epinions.com/sprt-Baseball 5
2 http://www.anacondasports.com/CategoryDisp...10201/49301.htm 6
3 http://www.tgoemall.com/mallbaseball.htm 5
4 http://www.awesome-sports.com/ 6
5 http://www.baseballnews.com/equipment/equipmentlinks.htm 6
6 http://www.wasupply.com/ 5
7 http://www.weplay.com/baseball/equipment/ 4
8 http://www.freestuffgreatdeals.com/baseball.html 4
9 http://www.newsearching.com/baseball2/baseball2.html 4

These results make it easier for you to pick websites you will want to exchange likes with. I've found them more than reliable.


Useful SEO Tools:





Useful Article Forums:





Useful SEO Websites:




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Great information Jrwrestling!!


I don't have much to add, except a bit about those who are waiting or trying to get their site listed in Dmoz/Open Directory (one of the places that Google gets listings from).


I'm a volunteer meta editor there, and there are a few things not to do.


1. Dmoz is not a search directory. It is a listing site. It also does not accept payment of any kind to list sites. As such, we are able to establish our own set of editing guidelines, which editors are supposed to adhere to.


In those guidelines is a section about not using "hype", keywords, category words, or padding of any kind in the titles and descriptions. The listings are meant to describe the site and the type of features and information a user can find there more than the business (if applicable). The title (if a business) is to be the official business name and not the site name or main page title.


There are some sections which differ slightly from this, however what I mentioned is more the rule than the exception.


2. Do not submit your site over and over again, when an editor gets to the category you are trying to list in, if there are too many of the same site in the unreviewed queue, it will be marked "spammer" (or something similar) and not listed.


3. We are not to list mirror sites, multiple domains for the same business, banner farms, mlm, or affiliate sites.


4. If you have a domain, yet your pages load from another site and an editor notices it, the site the pages load from will replace the domain when the site is listed.


5. As a general rule, a site can have 1 regional listing, and 1 topical (i.e. Business, Arts, etc.). There are some exceptions when a site has content which evenly applies to more than 1 subject. Again, the exception more than the rule.


6. Don't bother to submit sites that are under construction and/or have little content. The site will not be listed until the site has enough information to warrant a listing.


7. Cookie cutter sites won't be listed unless there is enough unique content to make it stand out from other similar sites. An example would be Real Estate sites from a web developer that just changes colors and realtor names and locations for all their sites.


8. Remember that all the listings are edited by humans. All the editors there, including myself are volunteers and donate as much time as we can. Needless to say there are way more sites than there are editors to handle them. We do them as fast as possible. Every site submitted is supposed to be viewed and gone through by the editor who is editing the listing. So don't think you won't get caught if you really have just a business card type site and try to fake us out with your description.


9. The directory has gone through many changes since it's inception, and there are some older listings which need to be changed. So if you see a site and wonder how it can be listed like it is and why can't yours, you can pretty much assume that the listing is an older one that we haven't had a chance to re-edit.


If you ever have questions about your listing or Dmoz in general, instead of sending feedback to an editor, you may find your answer at our public forum:




If you want to know more about the guidelines, procedures, etc. go to:




Anyway, enough babble for now. I just wanted to toss some info in for what it's worth.



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Is it bad to link to the "start" of your website with a referer >



like this


<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://www.dcs-stein.nl/webshop/catalog/index.php">

U wordt automatisch doorgestuurd naar de Webshop van DCS Stein



my index.html is located in the root dit and the start of my webshop is in the catalog dir .


Is this bad for your ranking @Google ?

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HI Betty


I have one small question about being listed in Dmoz/Open Directory:


My site is in 2 languages. It is listed in one language directory, but I have been trying to have it listed in the English directory too without success.


Is it possible to have the site listed in 2 regional directory?

if it is NOT possible, can I have it cancelled from one regional to have it in another?


Thanks for advice



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ive had far too much difficulty with DMOZ (I call them SLO-Z) they need more editors- ive been waiting for months for a few sites and Ive even offered to edit these catagories, just seem to go unnoticed.


Ive never had problems before this with DMOZ, but it seems odd that these pages wouldnt be added more quickly.

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My site is in 2 languages. It is listed in one language directory, but I have been trying to have it listed in the English directory too without success.


Is it possible to have the site listed in 2 regional directory?


Yes Salvo it is, as long as the English section is completely in English.


We get many multiple languages sites which have mixed languages on, for example, the English pages. Either the content will be in English and the menus in another language, or some similar variation. When this happens, they will get put in the main language categories.


When you submit the English link, are you submitting the url to the English section, or a url which allows you to select the language?


Is the site also listed in a topical (i.e. Business, Computers, etc.) category, or a World category? Is it based in the US or in another country?


An editor has to look at all of these factors before deciding where to put a listing that is in more than 1 language.


Also to be honest, it depends on the editor. Some will immediately move it over to a non-English category as soon as they see a different language, others who are more anal (such as myself) will look at the whole site and decide from there.


I know that doesn't help your frustration any, however that's the basics.


ive had far too much difficulty with DMOZ (I call them SLO-Z) they need more editors- ive been waiting for months for a few sites and Ive even offered to edit these catagories, just seem to go unnoticed.


No application goes unnoticed, however we do have rather stringent guidelines on accepting new editors. The first 3 factors we normally look at are:


1. Is the category too large for a new editor (usually 100 sites and under for new editors - not a rule but a guide)?


The public is not able to see how many unreviewed listings are sitting in a category, even when they apply. A category can seem to only have about 20 listings, but have 200 or so unreviewed listings waiting. This would deem the category too large for a new editor.


It is possible the category would have a smaller sub-category the editor would qualify for which some metas will suggest when rejecting the application.


2. Does it seem like the applicant is applying for their own benefit?


We get hundreds upon hundreds of new editors that have been accepted who only list their own site, then they never log in again. We also get applicants who only list their sites as the submitted urls. That is a big red flag. Others will submit their own site, then just list urls that are already listed.


3. Applicants who claim no affiliations with other sites, or who don't list all of their affiliations.


We have had to clean up more "stuff" that editors have listed in the wrong places, just to get them listed than I'd care to think about. We have also had to clean out links which are nothing but "cookie cutter" sites, mirrors sites, mlm's, pyramids, banner sites, pay per click sites, and affiliate sites (i.e. linked to Travel Now, hotels.com, etc).


The main editors who have to clean all this stuff up are the meta editors. The meta editors are also the ones who process the applications, investigate abuse, mentor and help other editors, oversee re-organizations, most major changes, search for new sites for urls that are listed but no longer work, as well as regular editing.


There are fewer meta editors than any other editor group.


There are literally hundreds of applications submitted every day. So if an initial look at an application sends out a red flag or two, we are not going to spend a lot of time looking into it.


I know the above babbles don't address your issues specifically, however I am just trying to give a basic overview of the processes.


Please don't think I am saying anyone of you is a spammer, or a red flag, I am speaking in general :)


Also please remember, every editor at Dmoz, including us metas, are all volunteers. No one there gets paid. We put as much time as we can in, however many are editing around a regular job, families, etc.



volunteer dmoz meta in hiding :ph34r:

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My hat is off to you Betty and all those who give their time to help the rest of us. I found your postings very educational and helpful.



I live in my own little world. But it's OK. They know me here.

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