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Linkpoint Questions


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Ok....in the test mode...everything works fine...charges card and then goes to payment passed successfully and you can download the files....when I switch to LIVE MODE.....I get this : There has been an error processing your credit card, please try again : Duplicate transaction.......it actually charges the card but would give the misconception to buyer that there is something wrong and it does not go to success page??????........any fixes for this out there?????


Thanks in advance



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:lol: Yes I was able to fix the problem.......Linkpoint does not require ssl or https .......that is the reason for the pem file, it encrypts the info you are sending........so in the checkout_process.php file......all you have to do is change all the 'SSL' code to "NONSSL' and it works great....what the code id calling for is to be redirected to a SSL page or https.....by changing the code it will go to a non secure page.........problem fixed, module working fine :rolleyes:


No one here had the answer....hmmmmm strange........I figured it out myself :lol:

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ok i installed the linkpoint contribution ,and followed the instructions the very best i could , double checked my information and file placements. and it is giving me the error of (Could not execute curl). I am at a dead end and have no idea what to do , my php version is 4.3.3 although i have noticed in the lpphp.php file the port is wrong according to my e-mail from linkpoint, I tried changing it but that did not help , do i need to change it in more files or am I still off track?


also jimbo if your porblem fix will help me can you please be just a little more specific for this noob thanks.

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I am clifton murphy and i wrote the latest release of the linkpoint module. You do not need to edit your php files to get linkpoint working.


Curl must not only be installed but compiled into php for this mod to work. Having CURL installed as a binary on your server will not work.


If you need assistance or need a hosting company that provides services tailored and known working for OSC please contact me. 1-888-web-hype or email sales at hyperactivehosting dot com




Clifton Murphy

Hyperactive Co.

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I'm having a similar problem. I've been testing for a week and had no problems. Tonight, all of the sudden, I'm getting the message "Could not execute curl" while trying to process the credit card.


Any ideas? It all worked fine before tonight. I haven't been messing with any files, so I don't know that I changed anything.


The site is The Racers Edge


Sign up and try and checkout using the linkpoint credit card. Do NOT use paypal- that's live at this point. You buy it with Paypal, you bought it!




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we have the same issue.

we have several linkpoint installs working, but installed the same files on a different server and can not execute curl :blink:


specs for the server it will not work on ...

Apache/1.3.27 (Unix) (Red-Hat/Linux)

php 4.3.3 with libcurl 7.9.5 (OpenSSL 0.9.6b)


.. any thoughts much appreciated.




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after i posted this ..

i removed and re-uploaded the files and chmod 755'd the includes/linkpoint folder recursively, then chmod 777'd the ####.pem file and it worked :ph34r:

.. and I had already done that at least twice before ;)


-keep poking at it til it pokes back :)

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