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The e-commerce.

Could someone help me please?


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hi, could someone help me out?


i don't know what's wrong w/ my secure hosting. the problem is i can load files such as html, jpg, gif, txt etc. by using my shared ssl url,


however, when i tried to load php files through my shared ssl url, the page cannot be displayed.


// i tried to use Netscpe Browser to load test.php, and it tells me "No input file specified."


you can see the problem by click the link below:




and select "test.php" file.


there's only one simple statement within test.php file:


which is: "<?php echo hello; ?>"


however, if you select the html file, it works fine.


and i've installed the oscommerce shopping cart, however, it got the same problem, you can visit the installed oscommerce shopping cart at:




could some help me with this?


i really appricate it!



kindest regards,


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I beleive I can answer this one


Most likly your hosting provider that provides the secure ssl has the secure ssl on a different server "my best guess if this is not the case and please contact them to find out"


Most likly on this seperate server they either do no have ssl compiled with the os or they have denied php for some reason in this case you will need to get a hold of them and get them to fix it or change hosting providers

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hi, thecodingmonkey, thanks for your help, however, i got another account under the same hosting company, and it seems that they are on the same server:


could you go to this address? and select the "test.php" file, it's working,




however, the exactly the same file on here:




it's not working on ssl120.securednshost.com

however, it's working on ssl106.securednshost.com


the only difference is:


ssl120.securednshost.com // not working one


ssl106.securednshost.com // working one


it seems that it's the same securednshost server, just under different sub-domain names.


do you have any idea about it? thanks a miilion

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My friend these are the actual servers they are on


the working one is server116.anhosting.com IP =

the non working one us server120.anhosting.com IP =


so they are different servers


this is thier number 1.866.203.9373 i recommend you call and complain alot :)

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