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Help with Authorizenet SIM


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I can not get Authorizenet to work. I've been debugging for weeks now and I am at my wits end. I even had to give myself a break from reading through forums and trying this and that, for a couple of days because I was going batty.

Here is the situation.

Payments installed.


split credit card


and check/moneyorder

All work EXCEPT Authorizenet.

What happens.

I can go through the entire process, with absolutely No Errors , all the way to the success page, However, I receive no email confirmation (customer email since I'm testing as the customer), nothing from authorizenet (I'm live and using MY credit card) and my cart does not empty (as it does with the other modules above).

I can see that I am being forwarded to authorize net (status bar) and I do get the the secure url in my address bar (the url with the .dll)

What I've Tried

Just about everything. I have replaced




with completely virgin files (no modifications)

NOTHING!!! No Difference

I replaced all checkout files with virgin files along with the above








NOTHING!!! No Difference

I added debug code to authorize net per a thread's suggestion so that I could have some kind of error that I could work with

NOTHING!!! No Difference

I've uninstalled and reinstalled authorizenet module in admin and got at least 5 new transaction keys.

I've changed the sort order of payment modules, tried a virgin orders.php

NOTHING!!! No Difference

I made a mock store setup exactly like my present store and attempted to checkout....

Here I finally got some kind of error

the first four numbers of your credit card are not valid YEAH Now I have something to go on...

So for 2 days I look at every thread and fix I can for this problem. I have done them all

Absolutely NOTHING changed except now I JUST DON'T GET AN ERROR ANYMORE!!!

Are you catching my frustrations here??????

I think I have exhasted this road....

I've contacted Authorizenet to see if they have received ANYthing from me in testing. Thinking that maybe it is just a relay problem...Where oscommerce contacts them, and they send a response, but can't connect so they reject it? No response yet, but I suspect that they will say nothing has shown up there, because I seriously don't think it is going that far.

I even went into the cc_validation folder and made the upgrades dreamweaver suggested with the VISA number problems, that didn't work...I commented out all credit cards but mastercard and Visa in cc_validations after reading a thread that JCB and VISA might be interfering with each other (and at that point is where the actual error I talked about above, went away) CRAP!!! Now I don't even have that to focus on. I never thought I would be so disappointed to see an error Go Away!!!

A Note

For those of you who are thinking, well, why doesn't she just use the consolidated AIM...Well Duh!!! If I could, I would, however AIM is basd on cURL and my provider will not PROVIDE

this for me (at this time) and as far as I've read in that thread, I somehow don't think that will fix the problem.

Aside from Starting completely over, I have tried everything within my means and knowledge to fix this problem, but I just don't know where to go from here. Can one of you PHP Geniuses help me PLEASE, I don't want to do this anymore,but I can't accept credit cards except through the split email or paypal and at 50 bucks a month for a merchant account, that is disturbing to me.

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Well with no responses, I decided to dig back in and try again. I thought maybe there was someone out there that may benefit from what I leanred and fixed.

I had pretty much given up and was reading through the the authorizenet.php and it I came a cross a seeting for the Version of authorizenet, it was set ot 3.0. Now I had been to Authorizenet so much in the past few weeks that I remember coming acrossed a setting for this. Sure enough it was set to 3.1.

So when I set it properly in the authorizenet.php file the debugging contribution I mentioned in my last reply, started working and told em athat there was a problem with my relay response url setting at Authorizenet. So I went to Authorizenet and deleted all the url I had in this setting (as I had a few).

Voila...All is working now. I guess stubborness does help in some areas of your life.

Hope this helps someone one day.


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I'm so glad I could help...I thought I was the only one who had this problem as no one ever responded or helped. I almost didn't write because of that. You just made it all worth the effort.

Have a great Day, Shaggymoe.


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ttstitches. Thank you! I ran into exactly the same problems you had. Your trials and tribulations helped me solve my problem. This is a fantastic commerce system. It's a shame there isn't more support or documentation for something that turned out to be as simple as this.


Again, thanks for you input.

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