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OSC integration with checkout


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Hi All,


I am using osc2.2ms2 and planning to use 2checkout.com.


What thinks do i have to do to make it work, besides installing the 2checkout module? Do i still have to install contribution?


Sorry, i have search, but i still could not figure out what to do.


Those who already use 2checkout, at what point does the customer leave your site and go to 2checkout secure server site? when the customer hit the the "confirmation" button?


And how is your comment so far using 2checkout, does the customer has no problem at all leaving your site to the 2checkout site, or the customer thinks it is not proffessional enough.


Thanks for your respond.

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Aak me a couple of months ago and I would have said that 2CO was great! They were great; I never really had any problems with them. Then I opened up a new account within the past few days. All new accounts get put on their new system, which doesn't make thing so great anymore.




I think that once things get ironed out, their new system will be much better to use than their old system. It definately looks much nicer both from a vendor and a customers point of view. But that doesn't help me get my site up and running again does it!?



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So you are saying their new system still has bug, and could not work with osc 2.2ms2?


Also can you tell me at what point do you leave your site and go to 2 checkout site?

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I don't know if it's a bug or just the new way their system works... but one thing I do know for sure - it cannot work with osc the way it is now. And I am losing sales because I have no other way to accept credit cards except 2CO. I wish I could have just stayed with my old 2CO account as old accounts are not yet under the new system.


I have emailed 2CO tech support (techs only offer email and not phone support) and I'm sure I won't receive a reply today.


If you have SSL then you can use the standard module that comes with OSC and have your customers input their credit cards on your site. If not, grab the 2CO contrib whihc allows your customers to input their credit info on 2CO's site. Either way, right after checkout_confirmation.php the customer is transferred to 2CO servers to either input their credit card details or verify their information is correct. Then they would click CONTINUE, be told their card was processed, and then they would have to click "FINISH ORDER" button and then be transferred back to your osc shop. At least this is the way it USED to work. Now they are told their order was processed and it just stops! It doesn't send them back to your site and the order isn't completed on the OSC end.


I've never had any customer complain about being sent to 2CO to complete their order. I think they realize that it's just a necessary step and is no big deal.


If you already have an older 2CO account, then all should still work fine for you. If you are signing up for a new account, well then you are I are in the same boat of trying to get things working with the new system.



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Thanks Priest,


No, i don't have any acoount yet with 2CO, iam still contemplating to use 2CO vs authorize.net. Why do you use 2CO over auhtorize.net?


So, why do you have to transfer from your old account to a new account. You were saying that the new system is better than the old one. Can you educate me, in what way is better than the old one.


How about the rest of the OSC-2CO owner, would they also get transferred to the new system as well? That means all of them would have a problem, then.



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I foolishly cancelled my 2CO account because I was looking at other options and decided that authorize.net was the best option for me. I took my site down for a few weeks while I made the necessary changes and also added a lot more fuctionality into my osc shop.


Then I get word back that I need a co-signer for a merchant account because I am "young" and don't have a lot of credit established - although my business has been open for a year and doing quite, quite well. So... back to 2CO I go because I have no family, no co-signer.


So now I have to open a NEW 2CO account which I do, only to find that I am now on the new system and well, the rest has been explained.


I think that the new system looks great cosmetically, I don't feel that it is good enough to go "live" yet with new accounts. It's a bit confusing, no documentation, along with the new payment routine and variables and it causes problems.


Yes, 2CO says that all existing vendors will be switched by the end of April, and if they don't make changes then I would assume they will all have the same problem and have to start digging into the code of their sites.


For anyone with an older 2CO account, yes the osc module will work for right out of the box, for now. But if you just got OSC, just signed up for 2CO... it's not going to work and I have no idea how to get it to work!


Two ideas:


1. Rebuild the code for the 2CO module to suit the new payment routine (which I have no idea how to do.)


2. Setup a passback url that works within the 2CO admin (but no one seems to know a passback url for osc and I'm still not sure it would work with the module).


Another good thing about the new 2CO system is that it allows you to create multiple usernames for your account, so that "employees" can sign in and you can specific what they have access to, such as just searching orders, etc.


At this point, if anyone wanted to step up and say, "Hey, I will make a new 2CO module and get this thing to work" then I would be glad to pay for their time and give them access to my 2CO account and store. I'm losing money the way it is and I can't accept any new sales until this is fixed. I've used OSC for over a year but don't know PHP or the processing routine enough to dig into the code and find out how to fix this thing.





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