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Hello members;


My wife is starting a business soon, selling tea on the internet. http://www.jayateas.com


We are interested in using OSCommerce as the shopping cart. However, besides the process of configuring and setting up the shopping cart, we are struggling with figuring out the best way to fulfill orders etc. Some of our questions are rather basic, and any one currently engaged in direct mail commerce could help us tremendously simply by talking to us. eg. for orders received over oscommerce shopping cart, how does one create an invoice, create a shipping label, and fulfill the order; for orders received over the telephone (we intend to get a toll free number) how does one enter them into the shopping cart and fulfill them; What kind of software/hardware one would recommend for a start up direct mail service etc. etc.


I realize these questions are not specific to OSCommerce, but could be answered by any one doing business on the internet. However I wanted to speak to some one using OSCommerce since we are leaning towards using OSC as the shopping cart.


Is there any one in the forum who is in New Jersey or PA, that could mentor us through our initial learning stage? If any one is interested in helping us out, we would be greatly appreciative.


Please send me an email directly.




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Since I accept orders in many different ways (over the internet, over the phone, in person in my store, deliveries to local schools where I have contracts) I don't even try to keep track of all of it in osCommerce. My website handles the internet sales and that's it. Every night I download my transactions into QuickBooks(there's a mod for this), input all the other sales of the day from various sources, then update my stock on my website so nobody buys products I'm out of. QuickBooks handles all of my invoicing and labeling needs, keeps track of my stock levels, lets me know when I need to reorder and has all sorts of reports for cost/benefit analysis, sales over a specified time period, sales compared to last year at the same time, all kinds of good stuff. No, I don't work for them but I love their software.


QuickBooks is expensive, but not prohibitive. If that's a big factor, you could probably use something like GnuCash - it's an open source accounting program. I haven't used it but it's worth a try.


As for hardware...there isn't all that much that you need. A postal scale, a computer and a printer should be about it.


There are Internet services that allow you to print postage...I tried one and found it wasn't worth the $15 monthly fee. They did give me a free scale for trying...that was pretty cool. I'm still using it, but I just stick regular stamps on my packages. Priority/Express Mail labels can be printed from the USPS website for no charge (with delivery confirmation included).


Shop around for your supplies, too - ordering your padded envelopes or boxes or whatever you use in bulk can save you a ton of cash over your local Office Depot.

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


Please do not send me PM! I do not read or answer these often. Use the email button instead!


I do NOT support contributions other than my own. Emails asking for support on other people's contributions will be ignored. Ask in the forum or contact the contribution author directly.

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Hi Chris:

Thank you for your detailed response. This is exactly what I wanted to hear about. I have been wondering how I would integrate the three different sources of orders, and I think by far your solution is the easiest to implement. Quickbooks is expensive, but I will bite the bullet and invest because it seems you are having good success.


Again, I appreciate your response very much.



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There is also a new contribution called Live Sales that lets you use OScommerce as a Point Of Sale System. I think the author even said he had Barcode Reading Functionality in it.


I am going to play around with it soon, but I dont have a live store, so I dont really need it. It still interests me though, as I am sure somewhere down the line I will need it.

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