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1 order, 2 payments!


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This has happened to us twice now...


Our merchant account recieves and either settles 2 payments or declines for the same order, yet only one order shows up in the OsC admin. It seems that the store is submitting 2 order requests, but I don't understand why only one of the successful orders is passed back to the store.


The orders are processed by the merchant account within a few minutes of one another, the second payment seems to be the one that appears in the admin. Both times this has occurred has been when the ccustomer attempted to used other cards which were declined before the succesful one.


we're using authorize.net


This has only happened twice in a 1000 ordeers, but we have to charge back the extra order and incurred fees when we do so, so we like to resolve this problem asap.


Any ideas?

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If you are using the authorizeNet payment module included with osC, it employs the so-called Relay method to access the authorizenet gateway, which is prone to the error you have experienced.


The more reliable API recommended by authorizeNet is called Direct Connect, and the contribution for this has been highly praised by the osC community:



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