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The e-commerce.

Need working php.ini file 4 Windows & Apache


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If someone would post a php.ini file that they know works with Windows,Apache and PHP then that would help me narrow my problem down. I know the file is long. Maybe a link to it? Or send it to me in an attachment?


I'm trying to troubleshoot my initial install of OSCommerce. I haven't gotten past a PHP Fatal Error and a Blank screen with Admin. I'm not sure where the problem may be.


I have several other PHP programs running successfully on my server so I don't know why OSCommerce won't. Catalog works fine. Admin doesn't even start.


I am running Apache/2.0.44 (Win32) PHP/5.0.0RC1 with

MySQL Version: '4.0.18-nt' on Windows 2000 SP3.


I've posted my catalog and admin configuration files here and no one has said they look wrong. They were generated by the install routine.


Windows is not the best server but this is all I've got to start developing a commerce site before it goes to a big Linux server. I'll use an earlier version of PHP if someone says that is the problem.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


David Forrest

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Check this out, It is a PHP.INI Setup Tutorial. It should help you along your path :)



There are many very useful OsC Contributions

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

And remember if you didnt back up its not a big deal, You

just have to do everything all over again.

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