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The e-commerce.

Converting the demo shoppingcart into my own cart.

Stan Hilliard

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:) I have a default setup of the osCommerce project that was installed by my website provider. I assume that to make my own shopping cart I need to convert start with the example cart and to convert it to my own cart. Or is there a wizard?


What is the best way for me to learn? For example:

  • Is there a logical sequence of steps that I should go through?
  • Is there a more verbose description of the fields that define the cart?
  • How can I enter my products? I found one page where I could enter numbers about products (name=2, price=3, buy now=4) It wasn't clear to me what those numbers meant.
  • Once I get my shopping cart set up, how can I test it with a fake customer?
  • Is shipping weight in pounds or ounces?
  • Going from specifics to the general, is there an article that I could read on "best practices" with respect to operating a shopping cart?

Advice will be appreciated, Stan Hilliard :)

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Read the docs first. They'll answer most of your questions.



I looked at all of the pages accessable from that wiki link.


I did not recognize anything that remotely addressed the questions that I raised.


Or anything that I can use. :(


I did discover on my own how to add my four products, and I have done that. :)


I would still appreciate help with my five remaining questions.


Stan Hilliard

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