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Hi Folks,


I've just downloaded the software and uploaded to a host server. When I run the install script I get this ...


FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!


My shared hosting service provider will not enable this due to security issues. I read somewhere that register_globals was being removed. If that has not happened can anyone suggest a work around? I've managed to resolve the sessions and permissions problems on my local machine, however I'm new at this remote LAMP server account stuff.





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Did you find a solution for this man? 'Sides the ever so helpful "find a new host" solution. :blink:

That is a solution smart guy. OSC won't work in this situation. Period. Why are people so scared to move to a new host? They're a dime a dozen. There's plenty of good hosts out there that OSC will work on. Why sit around with your thumb up your butt crying because it won't work on the host you're with? :unsure:

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How about, because I just payed $ 200.- for a new year of hostingsubscription and the hosting company suddenly finds it's time to set the register_globals to OFF for securityreasons.


Sure I can pay another 200 bucks for another provider, but that's just not the solution, I'd say. (no offence to your remark, but this is just how it is <_< )


Cheers, Frank

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I answered this in one of my other posts today.


First Register_globals is off in php.ini error


How to fix the quick way!


Add a line in your attaccess in both your public "httpdocs" and secure "httpsdocs" directories.


php_value register_globals 1


By using the above command you will not have to beg your webhost to turn on globals in the php.ini file. You will command them on for your site.


Anyway I hope this helps!


Newbie helping newbies.....


Smarts Auctions

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php_value register_globals 1 already exists in my .htaccess file which is inside my "apache/catalog" folder. You mentioned both the public and secure directories. Is there another place that the change needs to be made other than the aforementioned folder?

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you should have both a http directory and a https directory both have an .htaccess file that you will need to add this line to.

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