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The e-commerce.

Store is live, but conversion is low!


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Hi, my store is live, but visitors aren't purchasing as frequently as I'd like (isn't that aways the case :lol: )


Anyway, please take a look around -- if you needed to send someone a gift, would you buy? If not, why not? Give me the brutal truth about layout, feel/tone, graphics, whatever strikes you...


My site is GiftsThatDelight.com


Thanks a lot!

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Do you mean the links in the header? Or down the left nav of the homepage?


If it's the header links, do you think they should be part of a graphic instead of text?



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To me is seems your page is real cluttery, it looks like u cut this there and pasted here and there... looks unorganized like it was tossed together. Maybe put a space inbetween each category on your left menu. You have celebrate the seasons: all the links... then put a space then add the next category/title Special occasions. Also that text is huge, Im running a resolution at 1280x960 and its big, i can only imagine at 800x600. The page doesnt seemed centered, maybe put the left menu in its own column and put the "Our favorite gifts for spring" in the column with the stuff above it, maybe make it look more organized. Just throwing out ideas, dunno they would look good as I am a visual person and need to see things happen... Hope this helps :) good luck



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Are you afraid to let people know where you are?


One thing the "guru's" say about establishing trust in customers, is to let them know you are real. People will trust your site more if they see that you are a real person/company with a real address, otherwise it looks like you are trying to hide.

You should include (the footer is a good place) your physical address and also a fax number if you have one.

Other than that, very nice site.

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I just did a quick look on google for your site. You aren't indexed in the top 1000 results for gift baskets. And though you have a large number of pages indexed, if you limit the search for English only sites, there are only about 30 pages indexed. So maybe the people that would buy from you (I'm assuming you are in the US) can't find your site. Just a thought.



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I think the site lacks authority because the header is weak graphically. I am all for minimal design but the keyword is design. The lack of a logo or a design that compliments the current text logo hurts.

I Also agree with the suggestion about giving your location adds to credibility.


Just a little more tweaking.

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Thanks to all for all of your helpful suggestions!


Address is easy to fix, but the design and SEO are a constant struggle! The natural listings for teddy bears have improved recently, and I definitely saw a (small) bump in sales. So I do think that is a critical route. I'm working on the content to help the gift baskets. The competition is so stiff...


I keep wanting to change the design, but then get overwhelmed :unsure: I guess I have to get over that.


Thanks again for taking the time to review!

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Hi Carrie,


Looks like not much action on this post lately but I was investigating conversion ratios and looked your site over. Frankly I think it looks pretty good. What kind of conversions do you get if you don't mind my asking -- visitors:buyers.


Thanks in advance.


Robert Grover

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Some constructive criticism:


Your images are very slightly over-compressed - it'd look a lot nicer if they were sharper.


It takes too many clicks to get something in the cart!

eg - I click on "for men", like the look of something, click on it, then I seem to go to a totally useless intermediate step and have to click the item again. Why?


Your shopping cart background is grey and it clashes with the white of the images.


You do not have a purchase without account option. I notice that you have worded the "create account" box so it doesn't appear as though you are actually creating an account - little bit sneaky that, but you still ask for a password, so what gives?



You might want to double-check the wording on your info pages for spelling and grammar - I noticed a few errors.



How about free shipping if I make an order above a cetain amount? Your shipping costs seem quite high to me.


Your links on the left need to give visual indication when I hover the mouse over them - underline or highlight or something.


All those links at the bottom of your home page look messy and won't help your SEO efforts one bit.



On your shipping and returns page, don't shout at me with big red letters at the bottom.

What is the continue button for?

Where are the buttons on the about us and price guarantee page?


To implement proper "back" buttons on these pages, search out the navigation class in OSC.

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