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I would like to add some text into the top page of my Specials.php file. Something like:

This month we have our (product) on special. This (product) comes complete with blah blah blah.



Where and How would I insert this into specials.php?


Thanks in Advance for you help.



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The short answer is yes


the long answer is that you could add a line to catalog/includes/languages/english/specials.php similar to that used for privacy

define('TEXT_INFORMATION', 'Put here your Privacy Notice information.');

then in the specials.php add the code to show the TEXT_INFORMATION

<td class="main"><?php echo TEXT_INFORMATION; ?></td>

the information in the define could be plain text or html as long as it is between the apostrophes and that any apostrophes used in the text such as let's or what's are escaped with a backslash thus let\'s or what\'s ;)

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