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Not getting sales invoices!


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Hey? sorta have a big problem in OSC that I just discovered. Can you please help?? When a customer makes his order, any of the three things can happen:


1) Everything goes normally, except I?ll only get a portion of the sales receipt, so I have to fish though the OSC Admin. Panel to look up the rest of the order receipt, which is a pain!!


2) Neither the customer nor I will get a sales receipt at all, but the payment will be completed by Paypal or 2checkout. So what happens here is that the CC will get charged and I'll mark the product as shipped thinking that I've shipped the order, but I haven't since I never got a sales receipt.


3) Worst case scenario: Not only will neither the customer nor I get a sales receipt, but the order won't even be listed in the OSC admin. Panel and the customer's CC will get charged normally.


IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT 90% of orders are processed PERFECTLY... its only that some orders get messed up like this.


What should I do?? This is messing things up a lot for me.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!




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