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configuration_group tables?


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yesterday I installed Product Short Descriptions v1.02 and it worked fine, until I tried to use Easy Populate...


I need easy populate to work, so I removed that contrib and tried to revert, but easy pop stillll wont work.


I think it has something to do with whatever SHOULD be in my configuration_group table. Short Decriptions edited that part and messed things up. Does anyone have an example of what one should look like?


I'm going to paste two of them... which one should it be?


Here's one of them: [i copied and pasted from phpmyadmin, so ignore the edit/delete stuff]


configuration_group_id configuration_group_title configuration_group_description sort_order visible

Edit Delete 1 My Store General information about my store 1 1

Edit Delete 2 Minimum Values The minimum values for functions / data 2 1

Edit Delete 3 Maximum Values The maximum values for functions / data 3 1

Edit Delete 4 Images Image parameters 4 1

Edit Delete 5 Customer Details Customer account configuration 5 1

Edit Delete 6 Module Options Hidden from configuration 6 0

Edit Delete 7 Shipping/Packaging Shipping options available at my store 7 1

Edit Delete 8 Product Listing Product Listing configuration options 8 1

Edit Delete 9 Stock Stock configuration options 9 1

Edit Delete 10 Logging Logging configuration options 10 1

Edit Delete 11 Cache Caching configuration options 11 1

Edit Delete 12 E-Mail Options General setting for E-Mail transport and HTML E-Mails 12 1

Edit Delete 13 Download Downloadable products options 13 1

Edit Delete 14 GZip Compression GZip compression options 14 1

Edit Delete 15 Sessions Session options 15 1

Edit Delete 39 Featured Featured Products Display 339 1



THEN, here's the other one:


Field Type Attributes Null Default Extra Action

configuration_group_id int(11) No auto_increment Change Drop Primary Index Unique

configuration_group_title varchar(64) No Change Drop Primary Index Unique

configuration_group_description varchar(255) No Change Drop Primary Index Unique

sort_order int(5) Yes NULL Change Drop Primary Index Unique

visible int(1) Yes 1 Change Drop Primary Index Unique


any ideas which one looks like the correct one for a osC that's slightly modded with easy populate?





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Easypopulate requires the table model did short description change this

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