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The e-commerce.

A "Needs x orders before delivery starts"-feature?


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Im searching for a module that makes it possible to announce a product and customers can place orders on it, but it will also show that this product will not ship until a certain amount of orders has been placed....


A sort of "shop-together" feature, for us sissys that dont want to have huge stocks on products that we're not sure we can sell, or just want to wait until we can get that order ready that will give us the great price many wholesale companies only give big-ordering customers.....


Does this exist?



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Why would someone order from you not knowing when they were going to receive the merchandise? :blink: I know I wouldn't.


I know that doesn't answer your question but you might want to rethink your strategy IMHO.

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because they would be in on the deal of course. Because they would know how it works, and that they would be able to get a product a lot cheaper this way compared to buying it "alone".


This is not about fooling people, more helping people to get stuff cheap. Everything would be very transparent.


So, do anyone know if this module exists or something alike?



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