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Custom Attributes for Product


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I thought I'd post this in hopes someone has made a similar modification and could advise on the 1)feasability and 2)level of effort required.


I'm new to OSC but well versed in PHP applications and MySQL.


My project requires a set of conditional attributes. The products are handbags (approx 35 styles) and they are made to order.


Attribute #1 is choice of exterior fabric. There can be up to 20 choices. No change in cost of product.


Attribute #2 is choice of button or bow (only if attribute #1 is a solid fabric color, not a pattern) Adds $ to cost of product. (Gee, the attributes have attributes!!!)


Attribute #3 is choice of interior fabric and is dependent on #1. Only specified interior fabric choices are presented depending on what ext fabric is chosen. No change in cost.


As if that wasn't hard enough, all of the attributes need photos.


I realize this will require writing a custom front end to OSC with modifications to the database and existing components.


Your suggestions are appreciated.




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DUDE good freaking luck on this one boy oh boy I thought my assignment was hard WOW


wow something like


if ((("$_get[attribute[1]]") == ("$attributevalue[1]")) XOR ("$_get[attribute[2]]") !=



never mind man this is getting way too deep for me to even comprehead holy crap turn down the assignment and run :ph34r:

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Yep, that's what I wanted to hear :huh:


Can't walk away from this one since it's a long and valuable client. It's just going to take some serious work and I'll never be able to easily install an upgrade when I'm through.



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This sounds like fun.


I think its tricky, but not that tricky. With use of some JavaScript, and DB calls I dont' see it being that hard.


I would however say that you will need to make a few changes to the attributes table in the database.


The image naming convension will be VERY important also. if you stick to a good naming convenstion you could just write JavaScript/PHP/mySQL call to make the image swap out when appropritea.

I need to read the rules more often...

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