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The e-commerce.

Installation in Windows under Apache


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I have installed IBserver and am now running Apache, MySQL and PHP 4 on my personal machine. I am new to all this but I would like to setup osCommerce on my machine to evaluate it as a business solution for my company.


I am unsure how to setup the database connection information. I have setup a username and password using phpmyadmin and even created a database named osCommerce. I am unsure of what to put into the field for the database server? My IP address? MY IP address and the path to MySQL? Do I have the wrong installation for my setup?

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Is there an administration demo setup somewhere that I can play with? That would solve my problem. I don't really need to set it up on my home machine, I just need to play with the admin side to see if it has all the features I will need to be a complete solution for my biz.



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I did the same thing.


You'll have to set up the dbase connection as for both catalog and admin configure.php.





9 times out of 10 its a PEBCAK Error (Problem exists between chair and keyboard)


Replace that and you're fine...

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