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The e-commerce.

site is completley screwed up!!! HELP PLEASE


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i am desperate need of help!! my site was perfectly fine until for some strange reason it started linking to an unknown page!!!


here is the link to my website



now for some reason on the left hand side a dropdown menu has apperaed the navigation has dissapeared and the links on the manufacturers dropdown are linking to a page i have never heard of!!!!


if you clik on one of the specials the navigation appears once again


i have no idea what has happened!!! and dont really know much about programming and oscommerce


has anyone come across this problem or know how to fix it!! the manufacturers listed in are not even in my admin section and seem to be the default ones!!!


any help would be greatly appreciated

thanks in advance


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if not is it possible to get rid of manufactor on the index page alltogether?? i dot really need it as i only have a few manufacturers!! aslong as my menu comes back and my site stops linking back to that page!?!?!?!?!

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another option is to completly redo my site! as it is really slow for some reason is there anyway i can do this without losing my customer and order info! if i backup wont i end up with the same problems once again??????



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To fix this you need to turn your cache off in your store admin

what is happening is another store is on the same server and you both are using the server cache for your site....




Mike Spires

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i cannot thank you enough!! i was having a mini heart attack!!!!


one other problem i am having is that the pages load up really really slow and sometimes dont even appear (just a white pag)


oncew again thanks mate!!!! :)

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