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Quick Question.... I hope


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Hi! I've been searching the support boards and can't seem to find the answer I'm looking for (maybe I'm just not wording it right or looking in all the right places).


I have installed osc on my website (courtesy of my host and a quick installation program). I have been playing with it and find it quite good. I have searched the contributions and downloaded a few I'd like to install.


I have about a negative 5 experience rating w/php and mysql and all that fun stuff, but do have some programming background from years ago (a little c++, basic, dbase, html) so I'm not totally in the dark.


I can follow the directions w/the contributions, but I'm not sure what directories they are referring to. For example, someone says install in catalog/includes/....... or just includes/languages/english.....


My directory list consists of the following:(main directories shown in bold, others are subs under them)




imgage (has sub directories)

includes (has sub directories)


images (has sub directories)

includes (has sub directories)


catalog (has all of the main directories and others like install and cvs)


pub (empty)


I'm not sure if the pkg directory is the installation files and are not needed or if these are the files I should be using to make the modifications for the contributions in. Also, if a a file is modified in includes/languages/english for example, do I need to change it everhwere I find that directory (such as admin/includes/languages/english...)


I appreciate any help you can offer me - even if it's a direction to existing posts or topics on the forum.


I'm up for learning new things, but find that after a week of searching (because I don't like to post things that were already discussed if I can help it) and not finding I'm getting discouraged.


Thanks again. I look forward to your replies!

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Some will say catalog/includes/... because by default osC comes in a catalog folder and most users install it in the catalog folder.

But when they say includes/.... it is the same thing except they have install the content of catalog folder in their own folder




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Thanks for your quick response. However, I'm still in the same predicament, since I have BOTH the mydomain.com/pkg/catalog/.... folder AND the mydomain.com/includes..... folder


I'm not sure if these are installation files (in the pkg directory) put there by my host or if all of these directories are used in the osc system or what they're for. I didn't install the cart to my root directory but I did opt to protect the admin page during setup and I think that's why the admin is listed seperately (and I do have to log into access it).


I am just confused because I see the same files in different locations with the same paths (or portion of paths) and I'm not sure if I should be editing "all instances" or just one.


Please let me know if I'm just confusing the issue more by trying to explain it.

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Ok, I'm downloading this now. :)


Here's another "what might seem to be a dumb" question... can I run this on my local computer for "testing" purposes, or is this just to unzip and see how the directories should be laid out once uploaded? I've been trying to do all my "contribution edits" on my actual website.... somehow I feel like I'm missing a really big BASIC first step someplace. :o


Thanks so much for your support. I'd really like to learn the ins and outs of this programming language. From what I've been reading (in the actual php files) it seems like a straightforward language (like basic was) once you learn the commands. ;)


I'll let you know if I have any further "questions/obstacles" after downloading. :P

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Ok, apparently something went awry during the "auto install" so I Uninstalled and started with a clean installation to the root directory this time.


Everything seems to match up with the directory structure as provided in the zip files, with the exception of the install directory now being gone.


So, to recap then.....

if someone says to install to catalog/includes/...... "catalog" is the equivalent of wherever the osc was installed (in my case, mydomain.com/)




should they say "admin/includes/..... then I use the mydomain.com/admin/includes directory




I don't need to update all instances of said file (such as english.php)?



Am I on the same page with your reply now?

Thanks for your help! I truly appreciate it.

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I personally have the entire /catalog/ directory structure


the /catalog/includes/languages/english is to makes sure certan things show up in english, same with the /espanol/ and /german/ directories..they are for language choices for the customers..you really can add as many languages as you want as long as you know the language and can edit the appropriate files for them (like the front page would be all in, say, italian if you installed the Italian contrib)


If I'm not mistaken, the entire /catalog/ directory structure is necessary as it not only contains the languages in the includes but also contains the information boxes, the main index file, product description files etc


from what I have been able to gather so far, no one file or folder in OSC is a stand-alone and depends on all the others being there



Hope this helps you out..:)

Contribs added:

AdminLogin-Catalog With Images-Credit Class/Gift Voucher-CoolMenu

EasyPopulate-LoginBox-Paypal Shopping Cart IPN-PDF Catalogs

Product Listing In Columns - Image Strip


...the young jedi said to his master "you want me to do WHAT?"

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Some of my initial problems have been resolved by deleting everything and reinstalling.


My main concerns with installing the contributions is that there are multiples of some files in very similar directories. (for example, admin/includes/languages/engligh and includes/languages/english) and I'm not sure which (or if all) of these files I should be updating to complete the install. I think I've gotten it figured out (since fixing the directories issue) and most of them seem to be installing properly and working from what I can tell.


I just installed one which requires many changes to php files and now I'm getting errors, so I need to go back and "redo" the edits as I think some of them got truncated somehow or are out of place.



I do have another question though that maybe someone can answer for me...

I'm currently running under a "test" directory so that I can play with the installations. When I get things the way I want them, can I just move the files to the root directory or will that mess everything up? I'm not sure if there are direct references to my installation location outside of the "default" directories. Did that make sense?

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