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A new contrib


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Hey all, apologies if this isn't the right forum, it seemed to be.


I haven't found a contrib that does what I need and figured it'd be easy enough to write my own. I'd like to have a fleshed out idea before starting and any comments, suggestions are welcome.


What I need is a way to assign individual SKU's to each attribute as well as keep track of stock on each one.


Here's some background on how my SKU is setup:


First it's using the products_model field to store the info and is in the number format 00_00.


My distribution house uses SKU's for size like, 00_00:M, 00_00:XL etc.


So what I was thinking of doing was altering the attributes table to include a attributes_sku and attributes_stock. Then adding to products_attributes.php the fields to enter in both a SKU and stock level.


I think an option could be made to assign SKU's to new attributes automatically, but for my situation it might work best to have the option to enter them in manually.


product_info.php would only list attributes where attribute_stock != 0; and the parent item would be deactivated if all attribute_stock == 0;


This sound good/bad/redundant?


Thanks for any comments, appreciate your time.


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If you could get this done, you just might be the hero of the osCommerce boards. People have been asking for it since long before I came around. Current solutions include the QTPro contribution (which doesn't seem to work) and Master Products (which is a bit of a workaround, very useful for some applications but not for all).


Anyway, good luck to you!

Chris Dunning

osCommerce, Contributions Moderator Team


Please do not send me PM! I do not read or answer these often. Use the email button instead!


I do NOT support contributions other than my own. Emails asking for support on other people's contributions will be ignored. Ask in the forum or contact the contribution author directly.

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This is a brilliant idea and if you need help coding it I will be glad to assist, I am not a php guru but I can work my magic. Send me a PM because I was thinking of writing something similar to this.

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I too am sitting in the same boat, I was more looking toward the attribute to add a suffix to my model number for the parent item.


Something to think about though, what do you do about parent items with no attributes?


for example:


Say you sell skydiving equipment. You offer altimeters in red, blue, black and each combo has its own SKU. But you also sell clear goggles, no options available. How do you determine the SKU's??


For my situation, I was going to use the attribute to assign a suffix, so if I set my altimeter SKU to 123456, when I selected an attribute I would get:

123456red - for red

123456blk - for black

123456blu - for blue.


My goggles would just be SKU 123457.


This is just one idea I've come up with, but it doesnt really serve my needs totally. I am trying to match my model numbers with that of the manufacturers model numbers so that I can populate it on a report and fax it in. Not all manufacturers use a letter suffix for their model numbers, some would just create 3 unique model numbers instead.


Another idea I've had on this subject is to add a model number field to my attributes table and create unique attributes for each item, then in my code, check if the item has attributes, if it does, then pull the model number from the attributes table. If it doesnt have attributes, pull the model number from the products table.

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I need something like this but it is actually simpler. All I need is a "B" attached onto the model number if someone chooses a "built and painted". The site sells model kits and you can get them "as a kit" or "built and Painted". Those are the only 2 options/attributes the site uses.

I just don't know how/where I could code it so that if the customer selects the option "built and painted" a B is added onto the end of the model number. The model numbers look like this:


021PP04 (as a kit)

021PP04B (built and painted)


The company exports their orders into their MOM software and it doesnt pull in the attributes field so the best way to disguingish what the customer is ordering is by the model number.


Can anyone help out on this?



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