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The e-commerce.

Definitions of e-commerce terms.


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I have tried to educate myself for a while on e-commerce. Have visited relevant forums, local banks and spoken to some people. However none could give me complete and scientific definitions of the very terms they were using in their sentences!

So could anyone give me the definition of lets say:

1. Internet Merchant Acount (is it a bank account? a seperate entity?)

2. Merchant Account Provider (how many categories are there?)

3. Payment Gateway

Feel free to suggest me links or books but please dont point me to the notorious pages containing "two sentence definitions" of those terms.

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However, there is an online e-commerce dictionary at http://www.datex.net/ecommerce/glossary.htm

where you can check the current usage of e.g. merchant account.

Oops, sorry, I was tired and careless. I meant that by doing a Google defination search, e.g. http://www.google.com/search?q=define:Merchant+Account , you can check the current usage. The sity above was just one of the sources quoted there.

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