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The e-commerce.

nearly live


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I posted this ages ago, before most of the content was there, and before I'd made a number of tweaks.


Please can I have your comments...

I'm particularly interested in how fast it is on 56k modems, and if there are any display glitches on various setups, but all comments ('specially constructive) are very welcome.


the site is here.

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I think that your site isn't very fluid (if that is the word to use?) I think that you should possibly have a header or something to brand the site a little more. I can?t put my finger on what it is but it doesn?t scream out ?buy from me?. Also the image boxes you have put around the product listings seem a bit blocky. You could try reducing the border to 1px might make it a bit more pleasant on the eyes.


(By the way ? I?m from Exeter ? not very often someone on this forum is quite so close to home !!)


Good luck with it all



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- The product_list page does not show the original 'buy' image button when the page loads, only after you roll-over it.


- Never been keen on backgrounds that don't move with the page myself.


- Price text seems different font than the title font, is it?? It certainly isn't same size.

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thanks guys.


I've been thinking about a header. THe problem with them is that they take up quite a lot of screen real estate. I want as many of the buttons on the left to be visible, so a header would have to meet up with the button in some way.... Hmm. maybe I should have a bit more of a footle with that idea.


boxes. yes. I think you're right... trying to separate the products out, and give them their own little space, but maybe I need to make the boxes a little lighter on the eyes...


oh, and hi there, neighbour! I live in Cornwall now, and often travel through Exeter to see the client I'm building this site for.


wondernet - not sure what you mean about "buy" image not showing - could you elucidate? Yes - prices are in larger bold text on the customers request.

I like fixed backgrounds meself - just a matter of taste I s'pose.

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Well...personally I like the triple-box effect you have going on your left column...very interesting use of CSS (if that's what you used to accomplish that effect)


I agree with Nimmit that the product table looks blocky. I think it's the more info and buy it buttons . If you could make those a bit shorter and maybe round them out a bit at the ends I think it would add to the overall effect.


Just my opinion..:)

Contribs added:

AdminLogin-Catalog With Images-Credit Class/Gift Voucher-CoolMenu

EasyPopulate-LoginBox-Paypal Shopping Cart IPN-PDF Catalogs

Product Listing In Columns - Image Strip


...the young jedi said to his master "you want me to do WHAT?"

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the listing boxes have just been tweaked a bit. I think they're looking a lot less cumbersome. The buttons are still rectangular though. As vcache says, it may be better to round them off a bit.


In terms of a header, I'm still a bit loathe to use up screen space with one to be honest. I know they're popular, and help with the site branding, but I'm happy with that for now, I think - any other opinions? there will soon bemore info on the home page - including a 'photo of the shop, which'll help with the branding side of things.


Sorry vcache, it's not css - I'm not that clever! It's just good old gifs!


thanks for the comments guys and gals...please keep 'em coming!


No-one's mentioned load times yet - can I take that as a good thing, or does everyone here have broadband!

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I like the background, and the left colum looks good.

I understand your comment about banners eating up screen space, but you can do a small banner and not destroy the real estate that much. It's important, without it, there is no 'presence' of the store, and it looks like a scam (just my opinion, not a reference to your store). This just means I have the feeling you are trying to hide who you are, so you don't have to ship me quality product.


You also need to add all of the various policies, such as privacy, shipping, etc.


Add an 'about us' page, tell me why you are qualified to sell me bikes.


You've got a great start, keep up the good work.




P.S. Yes, I have broadband ; )

Dan Stevens

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Thanks for the helpful comments.


The front page will equate to an "about us" page once I've got the info I've been pestering the shop owner for. There'll also be category descritions a-plenty once he's got around to telling what to put in...most of the textual info is copied directly over from the manufacturers sites at the moment.


Yep. I think I'm finally convinced I need a banner!


PS feel free to test order stuff, peeps, if you can be bothered. It's not live yet!

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  • 2 weeks later...

after some work on other stuff, I've come back to this site again. I'm still waiting for some text and photos from the shop owner before I go live...


I've added a banner, adjusted the product boxes to look less square, and more in keeping with the rest of the site, and CSS-ified the category buttons down the left, in order to make load time better.


Please lemme know what you think, peeps!

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