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The e-commerce.

Not even up to Newbie level yet ...


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I had someone install the package for me, and it works well. The person I hired was supposed to be doing all the updating, but they have disappeared off the face of the earth.


So (this is so stupid!) I don't even know where to find the database to add any more products. I can find my way into my cPanel, and I can handle all the html pages, but I can't find how to add more products.


I found the 'My sql Admin", and I see a database there. I see myself as having access to 'All privileges'. Then, at the bottom of the page, I see 'php MyAdmin'.


Then I see all kinds of things, probably parts of a database? Maybe attributes of the databases? like address, banners, catagories, etc.


But how do I add products into my site? Do I have to go into each part of the 'products' database, then the products_attributes, then product_description, etc? There are 9 listings for products; do they descripe the product database, or do I actually add each product into these pages?


I was reading other posts, so I looked for something called mysite.com/catalog/admin but I just get a '404 page not found error'.


Maybe I should stick with my html website ...


Mandy - very frustrated! With 1,500 products to add

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No need to go into the database. You will find the admin section at


This assumes that you site is located


The Knowledge Base is a wonderful thing.

Do you have a problem? Have you checked out Common Problems?

There are many very useful osC Contributions

Are you having trouble with a installed contribution? Have you checked out the support thread found Here

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

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Mandy - if your site name is http://www.mysite.com then go to http://www.mysite.com/shop/catalog/admin to see your admin section. You will notice on the left side a section named Catalog. Click on it and then you should see a sub-section named Categories/Products. Click on it and on the right side will be buttons for adding new products and new categories. Doing it this way, with 1,500 products, will take you some time. You really need to install a contribution named Easy Populate. It will allow you to enter all of your products into a file and then you just upload that file.




Support Links:

For Hire: Contact me for anything you need help with for your shop: upgrading, hosting, repairs, code written, etc.

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Hi Mandy


This probably wont be much use to you as you have so many products!! I added all mine through the admin panel (takes ages!) I know that you can get contributions to help upload massive amounts of data, but I dont know what or where they are. If you type your url into your browser ie www.mystore.co.uk/admin you get the administrative tool that comes with OSc. Click on the catalogue header and away you go. Sorry not to be of more use.



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Thanks for your answers, but I still can't quite get to these places.


my domain is www.MeAndYouDesigns.com That takes you to my home page . From there, people have to go to http://www.MeAndYouDesigns.com/beadstore/ to go shopping.


So, I have tried the following URLs:


www.meandyoudesigns.com/catalog/ - 404 not found

www.meandyoudesigns.com/beadstore/catalog/ - 404 not found

www.meandyoudesigns.com/catalog/admin/ - 404

www.meandyoudesigns.com/beadstore/catalog/admin/ - 404



oh my goodness! I found it :) Thank you, Angie, you're the winner! What I want is:






Thank you so much - now I can at least see what's involved in updating it.


Mandy - who will probably be back ...

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