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Want to change name of "Flat Rate"


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I am currently installing the Swedish language pack and everything runs smoothely. One last problem - I would like to change the word "Flat rate" to a Swedish word (which have not been done in the translation).


Do anyone know where I can change this word. I do not have to change it in the admin - just need to change the word seen by the customers when they want to do their order!


Thanks in advance!



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You will be able to change/define this on the mainlanguage page. The file path will be something like:


/store/includes/languages/english.php (for english). About line 194 you may see:


define('ENTRY_STATE', 'County:');


If it is not there you can just add it - this defines what text comes up in your required language. The bit you need to change is where I have [County:] - everything else just type as above.


Hope that helps.






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Hope this gets you where you need to be to make changes to the names of the shipping types. I'm new on here too, but I modified mine. It will be done on a PHP editor and then locate Catalog/Includes/Languages/English (or language of choice)/Modules/Shipping/(Then open and edit Flat also you may want to edit the others later w/ the Best Way text that comes up) When you open it up make the changes you want in these fields




I made changes to both the Flat Rates (Named them the same though justin case) and changed the Best way text and had no errors. Good luck, hope that helps

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