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The e-commerce.

is Contingent Pricing possible?


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I have OSC2.2MS2 installed, with just a couple of modifications (authorize.net,

a USPS shipping module), and I am being asked this question:


Can I create two products, and have the price of one of them be contingent on whether or not the other has been added to the cart?


In other words:


"You get baseballs at $3.00 each (or at 20% off...) if you buy a bat. Otherwise, if you do NOT buy a bat, the price of a baseball is $4.00 each."


Can this be done? Is this available in the core functionality? The only price-tweaking that I was able to find in the core product was a date-based "specials" featiure, which simply discounts a dollar amount or percentage through a given date.


I searched the contributions but could find nothing that addresses this issue.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,



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Is this something that could be handled with the cross-sell contributions out there? I haven't used them, but think this might be the way to look for an answer.


It would seem that if you can cross sell product a with product b, that you could define product b's price by searching for product a in the orders table... Um, I can't say how to do this since I'm a newbie at php, but my experience w/databases would lead me to belive that it's possible to do.


I'd say start by looking at the codes in the cross sell contributions and see where they take you. I'd be interested in this feature as well since people tend to like "buy 1 get 1 free or reduced price" and the like (especially if they can mix and match the items).

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