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The e-commerce.

How to change design/layout of the site?


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I am in desperate need o fhelp regariding this matter. now!

i m making a site that should be up by tuesday. so i need to work alot to have it running. i know asp, html and javascript all rest web programming, i dont know php at all an dnew to this so please be patient with me an dexplain in detail.


i want to chnage the layout of the site.

i want on the top where osc logo is, a .png file or javascrpt/html. now which file i should chnage code in an dhow i do it. i have the image owrk done but i i incorporate the deisgn i want.


please anyone if seen any tutorial, info, forum, please let me knwo


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Well you have a HUGE order for and bad time frame if you needs this done by tuesday lmao. You have to learn php, theres no way around it you can learn as you go but you HAVE to learn it. You will need it to edit items and make the site how you want it. I have been working on mine for over two months, i dont belive such a short time frame is really pheasable lol. :blink: BUT lol there are some basic tips here: http://wiki.oscommerce.com/docsCat

I would also scour through the installation and configuration forums and that would help you more. Good luck!

There are many very useful OsC Contributions

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

And remember if you didnt back up its not a big deal, You

just have to do everything all over again.

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