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The e-commerce.

Information Box "Shipping and Returns" Policy


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Please excuse my newbyness.


I am in the process of installing and modifying OScommerce.


I can't figure out how to modify the information box content. e.g. "shipping and returns" policy information. I've tried to accomplish this by intuition and that didn't work. I've tried searching the os site for documentation and have not been successful.


Can anyone advise me as to how to proceed or point me in the right direction.


It would be very much appreciated. Thanks alot!!!!



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Do a search right here in the forums! (button at top of the page)


This is a topic I know I have seen a few times before...


You can also try the Wiki documentation project for osCommerce - you will find a link at the very top right of this page titled 'Collaborative Documentation Effort'


Best of luck...



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the file you need to edit (assuming your using english) is




hope this helps..:)

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