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New tax groups


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In EU you are not allowed to add taxes to products sold to companies in other EU countries. But if the buyer is a single persons you must add tax to the product if he/she lives in a EU country. If the customer lives outside EU no tax is added.


The problem is that you can't create a tax group based on what region the customer livs in, because there are different rules for companies and private persons.


I Sweden there are these rules.


Tax is added to the products:

- If the buyer is from Sweden.

- If the buyer is a single person from another EU country.


Tax is NOT added to the products:

- If the buyer is a company from another EU country.

- If the buyer is from outside EU (a single person or company).




One solution would be if there are two or more groups of customers. One group where X% tax is added to the products. And another group where Y% is added.


Then you should be able to put customers in one of the two groups based on your settings.


For example:


Group AddTax 25% (X)

IF customer LIVES IN Sweden AND IS private person

IF customer LIVES IN Sweden AND IS company

IF customer LIVES IN France AND IS private person

Group AddTax 0% (Y)

If a customer doesn't fit in above (in Group AddTax 25%) he/she would be placed in this group.

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