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oscWholesale Mod


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Keep in mind im a novice but im willing to try and tackle this but i need help!


Just to be sure this is a needed module i'm looking for responses on this thread only. I think that if we collaborate on a single mod that could get the job done that would save us all time and headaches.


The platform has been already set with oscAffiliate. I use this on my site and it got me to thinking that if i made some changes to it, it would be a great standalone wholesale module.


I've search the contributions for a mod of this sort. Many come close but none really hits the nail on the head.


What am I looking for?

a. suggestions on what features should be implemented on this mod.


There is a mod that is currently being used, that with some alteration would be a good standalone wholesale module.

a. oscAffiliate


What im asking is for you to think of what oscAffiliate does and what changes can be made to it to create a seperate wholesale module. (lets put our thinking caps on)


What do I already have in mind as features?

1. Seperate login page for wholesale customers is a must. (already done)


2. Log in page must require a tax id and/or reseller id to login.(already done needs to be made a required field)


3. Access to the wholesale side shall not be granted until verification of the above numbers or web site owner approval. (toggle in admin)


4. Seperate Picing per customer. (already there. need to convert the % pay to %discount or flat discount)


5. Seperate wholesale products from retail products. (this is done in the valid products page. Maybe change fuction to retrieve from product categories)


This is just a start. Ive been making changes to this mod already and it seems to work. Have to remove some of its features that arent needed (banner) but i think this would be a great start to a better wholesale mod.



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I'd like to know if you have made any progress here. Also would like to know if you have master products working with b2bsuite?


your input is appreciated.

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