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The e-commerce.

FREE!!!! Everything for free, check out my store.


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I went from PHP, SQL What? To what you see now. It's not great, but that's what I taught myself.


I want the site to be user friendly. It is in TEST MODE right now.


Credit Card # 4007000000027, is a test card for my site. ITS ONLY FOR TESTING!!!

EXP DATE: Anything after today.

Please process a few test transactions, let me know if anything needs work. I've installed some modules which will allow me to add more products.


I would really appreciate the feedback. ThanksHere is a link to My Webpage

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Splash page is pointless (aren't they all?). Move the shop to your root.


That scrolling News/Updates box is horrible.


Lose the counter.


The outline around the Add to Cart button is pointless IMHO.


I'd lose the standard icons (My Account, Cart Contents and Checkout) in the header completely.


No idea what your "Partners" page is supposed to be.


From your Conditions of Use page:


"Returned items will only be accepted if the items are returned to VEEDUB Design within fifteen (7) Calendar Days of the Invoice Date."


Which is it - fifteen or 7? ;-)


"A 20% handling fee will be assessed on all authorized returns."


You might want to rethink that policy. It may scare some potential customers off. Remember, on the web they can't touch and feel your merchandise. Hit them with shipping both ways and leave it at that IMHO.


Lose the goofy little guy stock pics on your Shipping, Conditions and Privacy pages.


From your Shipping & Returns page:


"TOrders are processed as they come in,..."


Not sure if you've changed the stock layout enough to claim copyright to it.


That's all I can see.

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I agree. You have too much scrolling inside the main window. People, including myself, hate to scroll in the window itself. The only scrolling I want to do is vertically on my browser. Try to back off of the "3-D" effects a little and go for some smoother edges. (Just my opinion)


Definitely lose the splash page. To me they're just a stall tactic.


Looks good otherwise though...I just think you mighta learned too much and figured you had to show it off. :P

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I know the scrolling table is some what tacky. I just haven't found the time to remove it. But, CDI, the way you mention it is that the whole page has too much scrolling. Is that what you mean?


To be honest, I haven't figured out how to do a redirect to the catalog page.

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The Website Is back Online. Please do not post anymore TEST orders. Thank you for the responses and the suggestions.



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Change your add to cart button and your buttons, *you want it to look like your own and they dont fit with your design*


That scrolling News/Updates box is horrible.


and some of the icons are stretched out and warped.


Other wise good job man its tough at times but you take one fix at a time :)

There are many very useful OsC Contributions

BACKUP BACKUP BACKUP!!! You did backup, right??

And remember if you didnt back up its not a big deal, You

just have to do everything all over again.

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splash pages are evil.

to move the store into the root, just move it all out of the "catalog" directory, so that it's in the root, and run the install script again - just make sure that you point it to the existing database and don't let it overwrite it with a default one! and if you've installed contributions that affect inludes/configure.php, back it up and make sure the right code is still in there afterwards.


looks fairly standard OSC, to be honest. On my browser at least (safari on Mac) the boxes at the end of the title bars are a slightly different colour to the rest of the bar.

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In addition to the above comments:


Check out main page using Mozilla and Firefox. Yuk!


Most of your category icons consist of text which matches the category description, or very recognisable emblems - so you might consider losing the description itself (see http://www.oscommerce.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=85453&hl= ).


An empty 'New Products for ...' box looks really out of place.

Regards, Wizzud

"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

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