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anyone using SCA to transfer OSC->QB->UPS?


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Hello, I've had an OSC2.1 site going fine for a couple years now. I've always manually keyed in new customers and orders from OSC2.1 to my quickbooks pro and then manually into UPS. I'm aware of the QB export contribution on this forum but I'm not IT savy and my IT guy is too busy for about a month to help me in this area so I'm looking for my own solution I can implement/pay for.


I've phoned many quickbooks recommended developers and came across one finally that seems to have a canned solution:




here's quickbooks info along with 24 reviews (all positive)



Has anyone used this shopping cart assistant? I phoned them up and instantly 'jose' answered (who interestingly is mentioned in many of their reviews as providing great support). Jose described that they use the information my email order notifications generated by OSC to pull the relevant data. They'll then transport this data into my quickbooks as well as my UPS software. It's $297US and free technical support for full implementation and their working hours suit my needs very well (evenings! westcoast!).


Others I've phoned will create solutions for me that would cost ~$500US......above seems a lot more confidence inspiring and already canned/proven very well.


Hearing someone here has already used it would just ice the cake.


As well, at present orders placed in my shop often have options associated with them......my email order notifications do not include these options thus I always have to look at OSC to see what was actually ordered.......I assume these details can be added to my email notifications? Any pointers for where to point my IT guy to so he can take care of this for me?


thanks in advance for any responses!!

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I have the program(write it once), I was going to use it with a very very expensive shopping cart but I dumped that one and moved to osC. From what I understand it works with any shopping cart out there. There are QB contributions that import customer data that you may want to look at first. The other one is $300 as far as I remember. If you are looking for UPS also there is another program (I can't remember the name) that works will with QB and UPS. You will find it in the QB add on programs. As far as I am concerned there is nothing those will do for $$$ that the osC contributions won't do. Save your money and make a donation to osC or the people that write the contributions.



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