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The e-commerce.

Help in Configuring oscommerce. i m new


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I am new to php, oscommerce and my sql so i will highly appreciate your patience in understanding me. please answer me if you can in detail. your time will be highly appreciated. please help!!



i am creating a shopping cart for my business on the web. my hosting service has 2 folder in the ftp site.

one is html and second is databse.


now i have the software installed on my laptop. when i go to configuartion page it asks me about ip of databe, db name etc.... i have all info from my hosting service. but i dont know wether i shouldput ip address or localhost and where should i put it when i am installing or configuring it on my laptop.

when i uploaded the files yesterday to server it was looking for localhost and didnt work. it works on mine as i have iis installed.


please take me to the tour of how to configure a website for a a hosting company who has html and databases folder plus what an dhow should i upload the files and where should i put them. please help me out.. i beg..

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you will need to have two catalog and two admin includes/configure.php files one of each set will be the congig for your laptop and the other the config for the server.


The config used on the laptop can be set to localhost but the one for the server will need to be configured for the server.


You may be able to achieve a single configure.php file for catalog and one for admin using if and else statements but not sure as I have not tried this


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