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The e-commerce.

ugh! will my merch acct ork with OScommerce?


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i'm doing a site for a guy who is currently using RTware.net as his merchant account...I was gonna set him up with bCentral then i realized it only uses 2 diferent processors....am i correct in assuming OScommerce only uses the 7 listed on the site?! What amd I going to do? I'd hate for him to have to switch merch accts...


please help

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hmm ok after a little research=


Authorize.net has a reseller called BankCardUSA

RTware.net is a reseller of BankCardUSA..


so its 3 steps down the road, but since oscommerce accepts authorize.net, am i correct when i say it will work with RTware.net



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You are talking about 2 different services.


The gateway (authorize.net)

This only authorizes the credit card for the transfer of money. There is usually a monthly charge and a per charge transaction.


The Merchant Account

The merchant account actually transfers the money. And they normally charge a per transaction fee as well as take a percentage of the moneys transfered nornally 3% or less. But this can add up.



A gateway can normally work with any merchant account. But to be sure Call authorize.net and ask them. Also check the bank, or other organization offering the merchant account and take the authorize.net paperwork with you and they will be able to tell you. Most of banks are going to push very hard for you to use there gateway, normally more expensive. Resist at all costs because they will charge a higher percentage in this scenario. Lets remember that 5% of 1000 dollars is 50 dollars. Now that can add up.

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