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Hello everyone.


Firstly apologies for this post - I've searched through existing posts and seen very similar problems - more often than not blaming IE's security settings...


The problem (apparently) is that when making an order users are seeing a security message saying they are about to view an unsecure site....


Well, I'm not seeing it, even with IE set at 'paranoid' level - anyone else seeing anything?


Thanks for your help if you do!



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no problems here with ie6

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Looks fine to me also.


What kind of security certificate are you using? It may be popping up a box that says the certificate is not from a trusted source and asking them if they want to except the certificate. Once you have excepted the certificate from that source it doesn't pop that up anymore.

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The one thing I have noticed is if you log in (which takes you to the secure server) but then click a product or one of the links in the information box, it takes you back to the unsecure server - is there a way to avoid that?


The certificate is 128bit issued by Comodo Class 3 Security Services. The site is hosted on a virtual unix server...


Any good?

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I got the message, it is the oposite of what your customer says it is.


You are about to view pages over a secure connection

Any information you exchange with this site cannot be

viewed by anyone else on the web


In IE go to Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced. Right near the bottom you will see "Warn if changing between secure and unsecure sites".



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