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Custom theme throughout site


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I know the questions have been asked numerous times, but all the answers keep pointing me in a direction I'm not advanced enough to use (Wiki Docs).


I am used to using PostNuke which enables you to create a theme and have it populate throughout the site, using HTML and just creating a few pages that will populate the whole site. Can OSC do this?


I found a post about a contribution called Define Mainpage, but this looks like it only allows you to create a theme for the index page.


Anyone know how to create a theme that would change the entire look of OSC? What I am looking for exactly is:

1. Ability to swap themes (customer wants to change with seasons... go figure)

2. Header will have javascript drop-down menus and custom images, instead of links down the left side


The rest of the background can be modified using css, but I do not know squat about php. I can modify some scripts (simple ones, as I have done with modules in PostNuke) but I can't just go through the code and know what I'm actually looking at.


If anyone knows of a tutorial that is geared toward beginners for this, please post a link or something?



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the PHP that makes up an osC store is merely a mix of scripting and plain HTML


look in index.php, find <body>


first the header area is declared by including the header.php file, where the HTML contained therein can be customised for your needs.


next find "<!-- body //-->" , which indicates the start of the body of the page, the first TABLE declares the main table for the whole site. Follow the HTML from here and you can see where the left nav is called in, then the main content cell starts, lotsa of conditionals to handle the varrying index.php page contents, then finally after "<!-- body_text_eof //--> the right column is declared, then after <!-- body_eof //--> the footer area is declared.


It seems daunting, but if you know HTML, it is really simple. Just dont mess with anything between <?php and ?> and youll do fine, mostly.

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