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Customers Shipping Addresses Mixed Up


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A customer emailed this morning and noted that there was a complete stranger's address listed on her order for the shipping address. I thought, well maybe she knew this person somehow- just a general mixup- so I went into her account and removed the info. Then I went to deal with pending/processing orders and when I hit preview on one- same thing! Somehow it looks like when the database is pulling up a customer's account it's mixing a second customer's address in as the shipping address. I haven't made any changes to the catalog lately and I did just add some products to the database 2 weeks ago but the problem is only in the last day or two. Any idea what's going on?

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okay- time for me to panic. Now I just got an email saying she'd ordered and she hadn't. Of course, she also got the same email and is very (rightfully) upset that the site is giving her personal info for someone else's order. Anybody know a quick painless way to shut down the catalog while I sort this out?

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I've had a couple of pm's from people experiencing the same thing so I thought I'd save time and post my solution here (sorry it's not more hopeful):


I renamed the checkout_shipping.php to checkout_shipping-temp.php which effectively shut down ordering while still allowing customers to browse etc (I also made sure this was the LAST file I uploaded when I got to that point). At the same time I put a note on the front of my site saying basically you can look but not order for the next day or two.


Then I went and downloaded a completely fresh install of OSC and, using Dreamweaver and Beyond Compare, proceeded to re-install all of the contrib's I had (well, okay, not all of them- a couple I decided I didn't really need and a couple I went ahead and upgraded since it was shut down anyway). I did *not* delete files or the database etc- I just uploaded the finished file through Dreamweaver and let them overwrite. This way I didn't have to put all of my products/customers/etc back into the catalog.


Everything is now working properly but no, I still don't know what caused it.

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