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Resellers order process


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We've used the Separate Price Per Customer contribution to implement reseller pricing. When we get a customer who wants to resell we make them of type Reseller and all the prices change by 20%.


They purchase the product either directly or by sending a purchase order with their credit card number.


One of our first resellers rang me today and said that they forwarded the download information to the customer so that they could download it, but that they didn't have the login details (which pertain to the reseller). Alarm bells rang in some distant corner of my brain - however I decided that I ought to send the login details. The reseller reported that the customer spat it when he saw the wholesale pricing. This is, obviously (whith the benefit of hindsight), to be avoided.


Question is, how?


We could tell the reseller that they must download and then deliver the software to the customer by another means ... which I doubt will be very satisfactory for them.


The other workaround that I could do would be to create a new account for the reseller's customer, change the price of the product in question, buy it (or get the reseller to), restore the price to retail and then send the download and login details to the customer. The reseller gets their cut (once their invoice is paid) and the customer sees just what they ought to see in terms of price. The only problem is, it a total headache for me! To have to do this for every reseller purchase will drive me around the twist in no time.


Is there a contribution or some other clever workaround that can deliver the same results automatically (or at least, less manually)?


Kind regards,






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