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Best Payment Gateway?


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I'd like to know too. What are other peoples' experiences? PayPal doesn't seem to offer me the control that I want, but since I haven't signed up yet, I don't know what it's really like. And their documentation seems very product oriented. I would like to find a good explanation of best practices and fee comparisons.

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Both Paypal and authorize.net have their pros and cons. It really depends on the shop. Paypal is good for low budget, hassle free payment- they take a % off your sales; but I think the experince of using paypal is a bit home grown. Authorize.ent is more of a commerical enterprise solution. If you have a mrechant account with bank card services for example, authorize.net is a free feature. Otehrwise its month cost of doing business. But I can say this: authorize.net can be a bear to get to work right if you start digging into a customized osc site. Just do a search for authorize.net problems and then kick back and start reading for the next 3 weeks...


The quick low fi solution is pay pal

The real deal (including the head aches) is authorize.net

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Well I would go ahead and use PayPal. It won't cost you anything to set up. Also what you can do is once you are verified as a Premier/Business account ... you can get the debit card and get 1.5% back on any purchases made.


PayPal will charge you 2.9% + $0.30 for monies sent to you. To reduce this charge somewhat ... I use the debit card as a credit card for purchasing stock that will be resold to my customer. If you bring a certain dollar amount every month, they will lower the charge to 2.2% +$0.30 which is very competitive against credit card merchants if you ask me.


i.e. Product #2345 sells for $50.00.

PayPal's fees for $50.00 sent to you is $1.95.

Your cost on Product #2345 is $25.00. You stock this product and pay $25.00 ... you get back $0.38.


It's not much but it helps considering these credit card companies and gateways charge an initial setup fee, monthly gateway fees, percentage of sales, etc. etc. so it eats away at your profits as opposed to PayPal.


Also consider using Qchex. I do not get charged anything for using the service. I believe the buyer gets charged for using the service.

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Im just wondering can authorize.net do partial refunds lets say a customer buys 2 items totaling $20 but wants to cancel one at $5. Is it possible with authorize.net to return $5? How about for paypal? I believe paypal has only a return all future, so how would you accomplish this without getting another $0.30 + $5.00*(2.9%) Charge when sending him money.


Also the paypal debit card isn't a credit card but debits from the cash you have in your account? If so, isn't your money in your account also not protected under FDIC?



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