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The e-commerce.

Server Question


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Okay ... bear with me a sec ...


I started on this project because we have a Linux server here at work. I had seen the osCommerce before and knew it would be what we needed. Of course, our corporate office tried to get us to use this thing they had created but it only ran on Microsoft servers. After we told them NO that won't work ... they abandonned us to our own devices.


I have a version of osCommerce I use at home but that it's all for Microsoft and it was an older version I hadn't messed around much with. So, I knew that my web host used a Linux server. I installed osCommerce and started customizing it. Eight hours into the project, I suddenly had a thought ... how am I going to get it over? I contacted my web host and they said they didn't think it could be done. I talked to another person who uses this for their online store and they said they thought it could just be downloaded, zipped up, burned and then unzipped and uploaded to my work server. I am to the point where I can start entering information while tweaking the final design but ... I don't want to do that until I know for sure it won't be a waste of time. It would be much easier to get it just the way I want it while it's on my web site (so I don't have to deal with getting remote access to our server etc)


My questions are these ... can I get it off my web host and onto another machine? If I download it, will it pull all the information with it or will it just take the format of it? What is the easiest way to do it?



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